The Energy of Consciousness

The Energy of Consciousness

The Energy of Consciousness

This book describes spiritual adventures with mediums, healers, and ordinary people on various continents. It is written by mountaineer, professor and a world renown scientist, who has devoted his life to the study of spiritual worlds from a scientific perspective.

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Science, Information, and Spirit  this is a recurring slogan of his work for many years. This is a book about unusual situations in the world around us, and about unusual lives of apparently ordinary people in different countries. Measurements of health, prayer and love these are only some topics of these studies. Life – is a great adventure in our everyday reality, and you may receive a strong impulse of optimism by reading this book.


Translated from Russian by the author and Veronica Kirillova

Edited by Berney Williams, Ludmila Tolubeeva and Peter Matravers

The Energy of Consciousness


I was recently invited to take part in a televised round table focused on the issue of therapeutic properties of water. The subject is interesting, the discussion was attended by decent people, there were different opinions, but one aspect of this event seemed completely out of place. A short story was told about a woman who had treated various diseases by casting a spell over water. She was present in the studio. The host together with a journalist-skeptic began to attack this woman in every way to convince the television audience that she was but another magician-charlatan. One of the questions posed to her by the host was as follows,

“Do you at least register your patients? Do you have anything to do with some medical education?”

“Naturally, I do”, the woman answered. “I am a physician, for many years I have worked in surgery; then I was greatly disappointed and returned to healing practice, which both my grandmother and great-grandmother had been engaged in. They used to heal all the sufferers with herbs and enchanted water. By the way, my grandmother is 102 now, she is in her right mind and good health; she lives with us and still works around the house”.

Such information did not fit into the scheme of exposing quackery, and the host quickly switched to another subject.
Why does this topic raise so many talks, such big interest and such contradictory attitude? From furious denial to blind worshipping. Let us try to understand, let’s see what kind of data modern science provides us with, what in this topic refers to mysticism and superstitions, and what can be used in modern life.

For many years doing scientific work, I have often had to deal with people demonstrating anomalous abilities including those in the profession. At the same time, there regularly appeared charlatans or just dreamers. However, there were much more examples of the triumph of human spirit over life’s circumstances and misfortunes. Many vivid examples were given at the lessons with Paralympics athletes: this is one of the main topics of the research at St. Petersburg Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sport where I work now. The Paralympics movement is the sport of disabled people who, by birth or circumstances, have been limited in their capabilities. Only through the high power of their spirit these people overcome physical limitations, pain, ill-fated circumstances, consistently train and go to the Olympic arena. Immediately after the Olympics on the same sites the Paralympics are conducted. Looking at these people, seeing their perseverance and fortitude you know that man can do a lot if only he is not lazy and is not afraid of overcoming himself.

Our consciousness has energy. It does not form from a perfect vacuum, or cosmic rays; this process is the use of internal resources of the body under the influence of strong-willed impulses, the process where the body is subordinate to consciousness and in a single impulse, powerfully realizes the hidden reserve. On these pages you will find many examples of people of unique features, their manifestations in extreme situations; however, only recently science began to understand the essence of the processes going on in such situations.

This book is about many issues: it is about the triumph of human spirit, about overcoming the usual boundaries, about what you can use in your daily life, and how modern science seeks to explain many phenomena of our psyche.





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