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by Konstantin Korotkov, Dmitry Orlov, Krishna Madappa


Various instrumental methods have been developed for observing human emotions in psychology, the neurosciences, and machine learning studies. These methods are mostly directed to detecting individual, personal emotions. The focus of this study is developing instrumental methods for remote detection of human emotions, both individual and collective. A new antenna device has been added to the Electrophotonic Imaging/Gas Discharge Visualization camera system. Examples of data are explored from a water blessing ritual, healing workshop training, musical performance, geophysical measurements during a solar eclipse, and a shamanic ceremony. These preliminary indications demonstrate a potential for mapping the effects of human emotions. We propose an international collaborative project for a Geoactive Zones Database: developing maps of energy parameters for sacral subjects and a program for study of their influence on the human psycho-physiological condition; in relation with both the environmental situation, and the health and psycho-types of people.

KEYWORDS: emotions, detection of emotional state, remote  detection, collective emotions, collective consciousness,  Electrophotonic Imaging, Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV)  technique.

Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine • Volume 19 • Number 3 • Page 1

Full text: 2009 Subtle Energy_Emotions

Non-local Consciousness Influence

Philosophy Study, ISSN 2159-5313
September 2011, Vol. 1, No. 4, 295-304

Non-local Consciousness Influence to Physical Sensors:

Experimental Data

Konstantin Korotkov

Saint Petersburg University