EPC/GDV CAMERA by Dr. Korotkov

GDV CAMERA by Dr. Korotkov provides non-invasive, painless and almost immediate evaluation which can highlight potential health abnormalities prior to even the earliest symptoms of an underlying condition, and suggests courses of action. More »

Energy of Consciousness

The influence of mental, emotional and spiritual processes on EPI/GDV images. More »

Energy of Water

What is the structure of water?Lately there has been much talk about structures in water. More »

Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov

Konstantin G. Korotkov, Ph.D., Professor. Konstantin Korotkov has the following positions: More »

This book describes results of different experiments and clinical trials exploring the effects of Reconnective Healing. More »


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Light after Life

Light After Life

Light After Life: A Scientific Journey into the Spiritual World

“Light After Life” is a unique work with first of its kind data on the observations and analysis of post-mortal activity in humans. Dr. Korotkov developed the instruments and software to conduct this work using Kirlian photography.


GDV Overview article

Diagnosis and monitoring of the human energy-informational state and  analysis of subtle energies, applying Gas Discharge Visualization technique,  based on the Kirlian method.
K. Korotkov
Saint-Petersburg Technical University SPIFMO, Russia


Analysis and Monitoring with EPC Technique




In the history of Science, the development of a new instrument has always resulted in a new understanding of reality. Microscope, telescope, X-rays, tomography, ultra-sound – without these instruments modern science is powerless. Now a new instrument has been developed - Computerised Gas Discharge Visualisation technique, based on the well-known Kirlian Effect.


GDV description and discussion of safety issues

In: Konstantin G. Korotkov (Ed.). Measuring Energy Fields: Current Research. –
Backbone Publishing Co. Fair Lawn, USA, 2004. pp.23-30.


Nancy Rizzo-Roberts, Ph.D.

I. The GDV Description
The evaluation of energetic disturbance by Kirlian photography has been the topic of research projects for nearly a century (1). Peter Mandel a German naturopath and acupuncturist developed Energy Emission(TM) Analysis (EEA), a method of correlating and assessing physical and psychological symptoms via Kirlian emission phenomena (2).

Eocene Poplar Leaf Fossil

Kirlian 2.0 L`electrophotonique nouvelle génération

Des applications plus grand public. Et branchées Internet. Telles sont les grandes lignes des futurs développements engagés par le professeur Konstantin Korotkov, l’inventeur de la célèbre caméra GDV. La prochaine génération de caméras, disponible début 2012, s’appuiera sur le principe des écrans tactiles.

EPC/GDV CAMERA by Dr. Korotkov

EPC/GDV CAMERA by Dr. Korotkov

EPC/GDV CAMERA by Dr. Korotkov

The EPC system has been approved by Russian Health Authorities for general use, following clinical trials and the recommendation of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It utilizes almost instantaneous, non-invasive and painless measurements and sophisticated interpretive software with comparisons to an extremely large and reliable database assembled over more than 10 years. This technology has far reaching diagnostic and human performance applications.

Scientific Basis

Scientific Basis


What does the EPC method measure in physical terms?

The EPC method is based on the stimulation of photon and electron emissions from the surface of the object whilst transmitting short electrical pulses. In other words, when the object is placed in an electromagnetic field, it is primarily electrons, and to a certain degree photons, which are ‘extracted’ from the surface of the object. This process is called ‘photo-electron emissions’ and it has been quite well studied with physical electronic methods. The emitted particles accelerate in the electromagnetic field, generating electronic avalanches on the surface of the dielectric (glass). This process is called ‘sliding gas discharge’. The discharge causes glow due to the excitement of molecules in the surrounding gas, and this glow is what is being measured by the EPC method. Therefore, voltage pulses stimulate optoelectronic emission whilst intensifying this emission in the gas discharge, owing to the electric field created.