EPC/GDV CAMERA by Dr. Korotkov

GDV CAMERA by Dr. Korotkov provides non-invasive, painless and almost immediate evaluation which can highlight potential health abnormalities prior to even the earliest symptoms of an underlying condition, and suggests courses of action. More »

Energy of Consciousness

The influence of mental, emotional and spiritual processes on EPI/GDV images. More »

Energy of Water

What is the structure of water?Lately there has been much talk about structures in water. More »

Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov

Konstantin G. Korotkov, Ph.D., Professor. Konstantin Korotkov has the following positions: More »

This book describes results of different experiments and clinical trials exploring the effects of Reconnective Healing. More »


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Konstantin Korotkov

New Book from Konstantin G. Korotkov, Ph.D., Professor

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Experimental research of human body activity after death

Saint-Petersburg State Technical University SPIFMO


Today’s world is characterized by the understanding of the fact that most of the problems studied by the modern civilization are somehow associated with the human – his life, health, the very essence of his existence. Western science gradually comes to a new paradigm of the world, in which the human Consciousness, structure of human energy-informational fields is a forming element of physical world. The present work is an example of a technocrat approach to the investigation of fundamental problems of Human existence  problems of Life and Death, and represents a short review of experimental research of energy-informational activity of human body after death using Kirlian effect.

Fig 34 sensor

Are There Electrical Devices that can Measure the body’s Energy

Are There Electrical Devices that can Measure the body’s Energy State Change to an Acupuncture Treatment? Part II, The Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Device

Nancy R. Roberts, Ph.D., C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., and William A. Tiller Ph.D.


The general field of energy medicine is growing strongly but is still in great need of reliable monitoring instruments to assess the relative energetic state of humans with respect to a healthy/pathology ratio. According to ancient Chinese medical therapy, the overall energy state and health condition of a human is largely determined by the flow of a substance called Qi through a system of channels, called meridians, distributed throughout the human
body. Qi, is thought to flow into and out of the body via a network of acupuncture points and via the meridian network, to nourish various organ systems, neural systems, muscle groups, etc., of the coarse physical body(1). Imbalances between Qi flow in the various meridians is thought to over-nourish various coarse physical body systems and under-nourish others,
leading eventually to different types of pathology development in such systems. Stimulation of specific acupuncture points via one of a variety of procedures, is thought to perturb the Qi-flow pattern towards optimal balance for the body and create a lessening or removal of the growing pathology. The NIH consensus report states that acupuncture has been quite helpful for lessening the severity of a variety of human disorders (2). It is therefore quite natural that commercial devices for evaluating the condition of the meridian energy state would be seriously considered by those involved in complementary and alternative medicine.

Science Confirms Reconnective Healing

Science Confirms Reconnective

Science Confirms Reconnective Healing  (special edition)

Edited by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

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This book describes results of different experiments and clinical trials  exploring the effects of Reconnective Healing. Experiments during three years demonstrated that sessions of Reconnective Healing had statistically significant positive influence on the functional state, humoral activity, physical condition and reaction to loading for the group of people both immediately and in 10 days after the influence. This signifies long-lasting effect of Reconnective Healing and its significance for people’s health and well-being. Reconnective Healing does not invoke a relaxation response in the person, but decreases both sympathetic and parasympathetic stimulation of the autonomic nervous system, as observed when a person is in a state of emotional detachment, inner quiet and heightened awareness of the flow of subtle energy. These physiological  responses are compatible with the Reconnective Healing principle of sensing and kinesthetically interacting with energy fields, as well as passively allowing the energy to flow through the body. One special effect of Reconnective Healing is structurization of Space in the auditorium, which affects all people present.

The Energy of Consciousness

The Energy of Consciousness

The Energy of Consciousness

This book describes spiritual adventures with mediums, healers, and ordinary people on various continents. It is written by mountaineer, professor and a world renown scientist, who has devoted his life to the study of spiritual worlds from a scientific perspective.


Can a bird fly across the Atlantics

Can a bird fly across the Atlantics?
K. Korotkov*, V. Voeikov**
* Saint Petersburg Research Institute of Physical Culture, Saint-Petersburg University ITMO;
** Moscow State University.

How does an organism exist and develop? We commonly speak of the number of calories
in different types of food products. The main idea seems to be that the more calories we consume, the more weight we gain. Simple Western dietary systems are based on the calculation and restriction of calories. However, after initial enthusiasm for this system and after thousands of pages published on the subject it was discovered that in most cases it simply did not work. An individual organism is much more complicated than an oven, where you can calculate heat
produced from the fuel loaded. Some people can eat quite sparingly and stay active and healthy; some need a lot of food all the time. Many families suffer from the permanent hunger of growing children.


Analysis and Monitoring with EPC Technique




In the history of Science, the development of a new instrument has always resulted in a new understanding of reality. Microscope, telescope, X-rays, tomography, ultra-sound – without these instruments modern science is powerless. Now a new instrument has been developed - Computerised Gas Discharge Visualisation technique, based on the well-known Kirlian Effect.

Energy of our Home

Energy of our Home


Our home… This expression brings so many images to one’s mind. A cozy kitchen where friends like to gather and sit way past midnight at the kitchen table sipping wine, tea or spirits, strangely reluctant to move to the drawing room specifically designed for entertaining visitors. The town of one’s childhood, the sweet agony of first love, the youth spinning by. The country that we curse, scold and still love for what she is. Our home – the Earth, the beautiful planet, one of a kind, ever flowing through the endless void of the space in the throbbing fluxes of the Universe breathing. And yet we still know so little about this home of ours. We gradually master the upper level of the earth, seas and oceans, having a hard time imagining what is lurking in the somber depths, the processes happening in the bowels of the Earth and in the atmosphere are as unpredictable to us as ever, and disastrous cataclysms regularly threaten our safety. We have reclaimed but a small part of the Earth’s surface and yet we proudly declare that we rule the world and keep on spoiling everything around us.