EPC/GDV CAMERA by Dr. Korotkov

GDV CAMERA by Dr. Korotkov provides non-invasive, painless and almost immediate evaluation which can highlight potential health abnormalities prior to even the earliest symptoms of an underlying condition, and suggests courses of action. More »

Energy of Consciousness

The influence of mental, emotional and spiritual processes on EPI/GDV images. More »

Energy of Water

What is the structure of water?Lately there has been much talk about structures in water. More »

Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov

Konstantin G. Korotkov, Ph.D., Professor. Konstantin Korotkov has the following positions: More »

This book describes results of different experiments and clinical trials exploring the effects of Reconnective Healing. More »


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Non-local Consciousness Influence

Philosophy Study, ISSN 2159-5313
September 2011, Vol. 1, No. 4, 295-304

Non-local Consciousness Influence to Physical Sensors:

Experimental Data

Konstantin Korotkov

Saint Petersburg University

The Energy of Consciousness

The Energy of Consciousness

The Energy of Consciousness

This book describes spiritual adventures with mediums, healers, and ordinary people on various continents. It is written by mountaineer, professor and a world renown scientist, who has devoted his life to the study of spiritual worlds from a scientific perspective.

Dr. Korotkov

Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov


Konstantin G. Korotkov, Ph.D., Professor

Konstantin Korotkov has the following positions:

• Deputy Director of Saint-Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture.

• Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.

• Professor of Research in Saint Petersburg Academy of Physical Culture.

• President of the International Union for Medical and Applied Bioelectrography.

• Consultant for Aveda Co (USA).

• Member of the Editorial Board: «Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine», “Journal of Science of Healing Outcomes”.

Energy of Consciousness

The Energy of Consciousness

The Energy of Consciousness

The influence of mental, emotional and spiritual processes on EPI/GDV images.

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An interesting aspect of EPI applications is the research into consciousness processes. Many years of experimentation have made it possible to identify bioelectrographic correlates of altered states of consciousness (ASC) [Bundzen et al, 2000; 2002]. These are particular states, which a person enters during meditation, mental training, religious ecstasy, or when under the influence of drugs, psychedelics or anesthesia. For many years we have been measuring Russian extrasensories, Candamblier priests in Brazil, participants of the Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru [Korotkov, 2002, 2003], Chinese Qi-gong masters, and healers in Germany, the USA, and Slovenia [Measuring Energy Fields, 2004]. And almost all of these observations we obtain signs characteristic of ASC. Similar results, using the most diverse devices and methods, were obtained in the laboratories of different countries [Radin, 1997; Milton, 1996]. This shows that the processes of consciousness are apparent on the physiological processes measured by the EPI method.

Energy of our Home

Energy of our Home


Our home… This expression brings so many images to one’s mind. A cozy kitchen where friends like to gather and sit way past midnight at the kitchen table sipping wine, tea or spirits, strangely reluctant to move to the drawing room specifically designed for entertaining visitors. The town of one’s childhood, the sweet agony of first love, the youth spinning by. The country that we curse, scold and still love for what she is. Our home – the Earth, the beautiful planet, one of a kind, ever flowing through the endless void of the space in the throbbing fluxes of the Universe breathing. And yet we still know so little about this home of ours. We gradually master the upper level of the earth, seas and oceans, having a hard time imagining what is lurking in the somber depths, the processes happening in the bowels of the Earth and in the atmosphere are as unpredictable to us as ever, and disastrous cataclysms regularly threaten our safety. We have reclaimed but a small part of the Earth’s surface and yet we proudly declare that we rule the world and keep on spoiling everything around us.