Patents and USSR inventions by Dr. Korotkov

1. Skachkov A., Lavrov I, Korotkov K. Frequency transformer 813280

2. Galinkin V., Gudakova G., Kolesnikov S., Korotkov K. Device for study of liquids 1241181 СССР, G 03 G 17/00.

3. Bankovski N., Korotkov K. The Way of hermetic testing 1290120 СССР, G 01 M 3/40.

4. Korotkov K. Ionisation detector 13222900

5. Galinkin V., Gudakova G., Gernovoy A., Korotkov K. The Way of study of physiology condition of biological objects 1377813 СССР, G03B 41/00,

6. Gudakova G., Korotkov K., Evchuk V., Kukuy L. Device for liquid objects photography in high voltage electrical fields 1561066 СССР, G 03 G 17/00,

7. Korotkov K., Pavlik V., Kudrjavtsev V. The way of separation of potatoes, earth and stones 1456047 СССР, A 01 D 33/08,

8. Korotkov K., Kodgevnikov N. Device for objects study in electrical field 1664286, A 61 B 5/16,

9. Korotkov K., Korotkina S., Lehtomaki L. Device for registration of GDV glow of biological objects 2141250 РФ, А61В 5/05, 1999.

10. Korotkov K., Minkin V., Stamm A. Device for the GDV technique 2110824 РФ, П 03 И 41.00, 1999.

11. Korotkov K. The way of evaluation of the level of anxiety 2210982 РФ, А 61 В 6/00, А 61 М 21/00, 2003.

12. Korotkov K. The way of analysis of the human organism condition. 2217047 РУ С2 7 А61 В 5/05 2003

13. Korotkov K. The way of evaluation of human anxiety 2234854 РФ, А 61 В 5/05, 2003.

14. Patent US 7,595,868 B2 Date Sep. 29, 2009 Method for Determining Hair Conditions. Korotkov KG

15. Patent US 7,869,636 B2 Date Jan 11, 2011 Method for Determining the Anxiety level of a human being. Korotkov KG

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